The waiting game.

As I sit in class, I’m anxiously awaiting news of which organization I’ll be spending 8 months with in Vietnam come September. People surrounding me are checking their e-mails with excitement and sometimes confusion as they get notice of where they’ll be.

The options that I’m aware of are the Vietnam Women’s Union, located in Hanoi, or Sustainable Rural Development, located in Hue. Each placement has pros and cons, namely based on location as if I’m in Hanoi I will be closer to friends and it would be easier to travel outside of Vietnam, however if I’m in Hue I’ll have a greater opportunity to practice Vietnamese and truly immerse myself into the culture.

I also believe that the placement I have will drastically influence my future career and research interests. Working with the Women’s Union will allow me to further my work and research in gender and human trafficking. Whereas working with Sustainable Rural Development would allow me to broaden my understanding, work in rural areas (huge plus for me), and look more into sustainable resource management.

I’ll be happy regardless of which placement I get and once I know, I’ll be able to do further research on the specific organization and some of their work. Hopefully I’ll know today or within the next few days.


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