Learning Vietnamese

Christian found a way to describe the actual challenges and difficulties our Vietnamese class has been facing and I think it’s a worthwhile read for everyone!

Venturing Vietnam

In the English language, tone of voice can play a surprisingly crucial role in determining the meaning of someone’s words.

As an English-speaker you are probably quite familiar with this, and you have definitely used the tone of your voice to inflict meaning beyond your English words. Tone is an exceptionally useful tool in verbal communication, as it can often subconsciously communicate a mood, opinion, or intention that words may be trying to conceal. Astoundingly, experts on non-verbal communication have discovered that as little as seven percent of communication is verbal: the rest lies within vocal sounds (thirty eight percent, including pitch, rhythm, and volume) and body movements (fifty five percent and mostly consisting of facial expressions.) I would personally consider tone to fall into the category of vocal sounds, as it shares similarities with pitch and can be influenced by volume, speed, and many other vocal characteristics. If you…

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