Hue: information and photos!

Living in the Embrace of Arunachala

Next on our adventure of discovery was Huế in central Vietnam. The only thing I knew about Huế was of a Tet offensive during the Vietnamese War. Huế was the major city of South Vietnam that was closest to North Vietnam, and so was the scene of many horrific conflicts. Our visit to Huế had nothing to do with this, though. Rather it was focused on Huế as the capital of the Nguyễn Dynasty, which dominated much of southern Vietnam from the 17th to the 19th century. 

In 1802, Nguyễn Phúc Ánh succeeded in establishing his control over the whole of Vietnam, thereby making Huế the national capital. Huế remained as the national capital until 1945, when Emperor Bao Dại abdicated and a communist government was established in Hanoi, in the north, with Ho Chi Minh as its leader. The national capital had previously been located in Huế, since it…

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