New Year’s Revisited

This past weekend marked Canada Day, which for many Canadians is the only nationalist display that they will participate in throughout the year. However the weekend also marked the halfway point for any New Year’s Resolutions, so I thought I’d check in with myself and see how the year has been so far.

While I never set any formal resolutions, I have one phrase that I’ve sort of reminded myself of each year when New Year’s comes around and that is ‘Qui Sera, Sera’. Being a bit of a control freak, I tend to find it difficult to take and accept things as they come and learn to adapt and its been useful to remember to take a step back and let things happen. While my control freak tendencies are not gone, I feel as though the past six months have forced me to learn to accept things that I have no control over (including course changes, life changes, family changes, school in general, and everything related to my placement). As a lot of those changes are culminating and wrapping up and as there are MANY more to come, I feel its important to remind myself of this again and to remember what it means to me and to ensure that I step back when I need to.

A second effort that I’ve been making has been to get healthier, and this is one that I think has been going fairly well. I’ve become hooking on exercise (especially if it doesn’t involve cardio!), but in the next half of the year I’d like to challenge myself by trying to love running.

In essence, I think this is one of the first personal(ish) posts on this blog but I think its important to help hold myself accountable to myself and remember that I can put myself first and that I will continue to learn and grow as the year goes on. Do you like having personal posts to read, or would you like me to keep things development related?


2 responses

  1. I like personal posts! Well I like both but reading something personal once in a while is refreshing. Getting to know the person behind the blog is important in my opinion. Not only can you relate to people’s opinions but with personal blog posts you can relate to their personal life!

    P.S I don’t think that I will have a “love for running” ever. I’ve definitely accepted that. I love walking though!

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