A beautiful letter, and something that all boys and men should grow up hearing and knowing from the beginning of their days.

The Little Things That Matter...

Dear V,

I am writing this to you during very disturbing times. By the time you read and truly understand the importance of what I am writing today, you will be a strapping young boy too old perhaps to spare time for some crucial lessons. Today, a week away from your 10th month birthday I begin your life’s instructions by giving you your first lesson. The first lesson of your entire lifetime, and one that will perhaps be the most significant in your future.

God made you a male. A gender that we in India traditionally believe and until now preach is the superior one. I tell you today, men and women are equal. God created them equal and never in your life must you disrespect a woman. By the time you read this you would perhaps have seen young girls and women who are different from your mother. Your…

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