Visa Hiccup

There has been a hold-up in getting my visa for Vietnam. I’m one of three people who will hopefully receive their visa authorization five business days prior to our flight date. This means that while I’m leaving Timmins around the 26th, I will have to find a way to still apply for and get my visa from elsewhere in Ontario.

The problem with this is that the standard way to get a visa to Vietnam is to send in your application by mail, then once it arrives at the embassy (in Ottawa) it stays there for five business days, then is mailed back. So it’s looking like a road trip is in order, as well as the additional costs to expedite the process.

What is probably most frustrating with this experience is that I was not really included in the process at all. So I don’t know the work that went into it to get the visa authorization, I don’t know the process, I don’t know how hard (or not hard) people have worked to try to get this to happen. I just know that it hasn’t happened, may not happen, and its now the last minute. This isn’t for lack of trying, I have asked many times to have the process explained, or to be included, or for an update at the very least. I feel as though had I been included I wouldn’t be frustrated with this because I would actually be aware of what work had been done in order for things to happen on time.

If something happens and the authorization does not come in time, I will have to apply for a tourist visa (also in Ottawa, also at the last minute), then renew the visa every ninety days in Vietnam. Technically, the renewal can be denied.

Hopefully the authorization comes sooner and things are easier, and hopefully this is the only hiccup that will occur from now on. If the biggest problem I have is that I have to rush to get my visa in time, then the next eight months will be remarkably smooth.


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