What does it mean to be a woman? (Part 2)

Being a woman means having immeasurable strength to deal with the many twists and turns of life. It means knowing when to continue and when to turn away and choosing to continue with the hardest but most necessary decisions. It means that you are the sounding board of life’s problems, the person who is able to see, hear, and experience everything that can go wrong but still be strong enough to remain unbroken. Despite all this, you must be strong enough to remember to put yourself first.

Being a woman means educating the world to share their voices and respect each person. It means being responsible for the first lessons in life that new generations learn. It means that through patience and time you will touch the hearts of those you meet and enable them to grow and learn. You have the power to teach others to love instead of hate.

Being a woman means creation. We can create opportunity; either existing or new. It means that despite the past, there is the ability to change and create new situations. It means that fate is not decided, but futures can be made. There will come a time where women are autonomous, independent, and respected, but until the time has arrived, we have the opportunity to create it.

It means creating.


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  3. Beautiful, Steph! Reminds me of this poem.

    Song for a Daughter

    by Ursula Le Guin

    Mother of my granddaughter,
    listen to my song:
    A mother can’t do right,
    a daughter can’t be wrong.

    I have no claim whatever
    on amnesty from you;
    nor will she forgive you
    for anything you do.

    So are we knit together
    by force of opposites,
    the daughter that unravels
    the skein the mother knits.

    One must be divided
    so that one be whole,
    and this is the duplicity
    alleged of woman’s soul.

    To be that heavy mother
    who weighs in every thing
    is to be the daughter
    whose footstep is the Spring.

    Granddaughter of my mother,
    listen to my song:
    Nothing you do will ever be right,
    nothing you do is wrong.

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