Oh the pick-up lines..
I’d like to add:
“Are you married?” “Do you want to be…?”
“Anh yeu em!” (I love you)
“You came here to find husband?”
“Can you cook? Can you clean? Ah, you’d make a good wife!”
“You have boyfriend? Is he Vietnamese? Well then you can have another boyfriend!”
“You need a lover to learn the language”

A Day in the Life

Since moving to Botswana, I have met some really great people. I have also met a lot really seedy men with even seedier lines. Here are some of the lines I have gotten so far:
“I want to be your special friend… do you know what I mean, special friend?”
“Hey white girl! I want to come visit you at your house.”
“Come to my home in Harare and I will teach you how to swim.” (this one is particularly great when you know that I have competed both provincially and nationally at lifeguarding)
This one from a middle-aged woman: “You are how old? 21? My youngest son is 24 and he still needs a wife. How many cows do your parents want?”
This one from a drunken man, who is mumbling in broken English and can barely stand straight: “I sit beside you? I just want to know you.”

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  1. Oh, I’ve gotten some great ones here in Nepal as well.
    “You’d be a cute ninja”
    As he runs in front of me… “This is not a robbery!! I just think you’re cute. No, not cute, frikken cute.” (thick accent of course)
    “You’re Canadian? Not born in India? You sure? Marry me and I make you good Indian wife.”

        • The weird social expectation is 3 months of salary, so it depends on their income in Canada? (if they follow that, which I sincerely hope no one does because its an obscene amount of money).. So by proportion of income does that compare?

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