For third year INDEV students

Hello third years, 

I know you have to get your applications for placements in very soon and I know how stressful that is. It’s very nerve-wracking to essentially be applying for a job that you have no job description for, that may or may not have a website, and that you may or may not have experience in. Apply for the job you want the most, in a country that you think you can live in for 8 months, everything else will work out. 
There may not be enough work, there might be too much work, there may or may not be field visits, but it will be a rewarding experience regardless of any of that. 

If anyone is interested in the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development you can check out my summary of their work here, their website here, or you can e-mail me and I’ll send you a copy of my midterm report. SRD currently has two INDEV students based in their Ha Noi office, but they have had an INDEV student in their Hue office as well. They are growing exponentially and have several brand new projects starting for next year that are not yet on the website. So if you want to learn anything about this, want to ask questions, vent about the process, or see my midterm report just comment here, e-mail me, or message me on facebook and I will help you out.

Good luck!


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