Singapore: Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

One of the highlights of Singapore for me was the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve where I was able to spend time outside in a rainforest free from traffic, pollution, smog, people, and all the fun things I experience on a daily basis in Ha Noi. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve was established in 1883 and is a primary forest, an ASEAN Heritage Park, and the forests in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve are original to Singapore and have remained untouched throughout the nation’s history and development (during British colonization and intense logging).

It is also home to Singapore’s highest natural point, Bukit Timah Hill, at 163.63 metres; which of course had to be climbed. As the summit wasn’t too high, we chose to add a few kilometres to the route; adding on the Jungle Path (slightly harder than the Summit Path) and part of the Seraya Loop (to be able to see the Singapore Quarry.

There were absolutely beautiful trees, plants, and remarkably massive ants throughout the entire hike. It was really peaceful and the Jungle Path was rewarding because there were freshwater springs and pools of calm water. Getting to the Seraya Hut was also beautiful as you could see over the Singapore Quarry and there were much less people so it was very calm.

In other news, it has made me want to climb Fansipan (Fan Xi Pan) here in Vietnam even more. Which will be sometime in late February so if you have any pointers please send them my way.

Here are some photos! Including one of a tree for my sister.

The route (badly drawn by me in teal).

The route (badly drawn by me in teal).



See those stairs? They are around 1/4-1/3 of my height.

See those stairs? They are around 1/4-1/3 of my height.

Still alive!

Still alive!

Made it!

Made it!


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