Female Police Officers

Some officials of traffic police teams said that traffic policewoman regulating traffic during peak hours in the morning and afternoon at the major intersection would “create beauty and make the people more comfortable.” 

After the peak hours, these female police officers will return to the office.

A representative of the Road and Railway Traffic Police Agency said that the traffic policewomen standing on the podium to regulate traffic in rain or shine are beautiful images and some cities have used traffic policewomen to regulate traffic for years.

Why not have the female police officers act in full capacity like all police officers? Reward them for their ability and work, not physical appearance..

One response

  1. Gender equality is extremely difficult for men. Police forces around the world are trying to come to terms with giving women equal status. It seems hard for all corporations, which have been historically the bastion of men, to come to the realization that men and women have equal status. It is not a right that police forces or corporations or society in general have to ‘grant’ women, equality is already a woman’s place.
    To place women in positions which exploit their gender, their ‘beauty’, is demeaning. Yet, Corporations do it all the time. In the name of gender equality, women are given higher positions but, most often in roles that they are seen and the corporation is seen to be doing the right thing. Banks are a perfect example. The lowly position of teller was the traditional woman’s place at the bank, lately women have been given the position of branch manager, a position where the surrender of power is seen by the public. Few women are promoted beyond branch manager. In all of the top 500 corporate world, less than 5% of women are able to attain CEO status.

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