Functional Advertising

In class last year we spent some time learning about advertising and to try to think of a time, place, day where you haven’t been exposed (or even inundated) with advertising seems practically impossible from project placement, billboards, commercials, clothing, the products you buy and consume – its everywhere.

If advertising is going to be so prominent in everyones lives, why not make it more functional? Why not have advertising serve a greater purpose or provide a service?

In Peru, that exact question is being answered: researchers have developed a billboard that will provide clean, potable, drinking water to anyone who wants it for free. This billboard is taking advantage of the 98% humidity in the areas outside of Lima that have little to no rain during many parts of the year (conditions common in many tropical areas) and captures condensation. If this kind of technology can (and has been) developed for conditions of high humidity, why not find a way to develop other services as well? Perhaps advertising space could come at a lower premium if it serves a greater purpose.

What better way to promote your product or company than by already showing how you can meet a need?


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