I’m the midst of applying for Teacher’s Assistant positions for next year, which I find really exciting. 

But how do you pick which ones you would be a good match for? I’ve had some great TAs throughout my undergraduate degree, and some not so great ones. I want to be a great TA – I want to connect with students and be approachable, I want to know enough about the subject to be able to give good advice. How do I pick a class and professor that will help me accomplish this? It’s pretty intimidating to write down this list of potential courses that I’d love to work with and hope to hear back from some of them. 

Any advice? On picking courses, choosing hours, and managing all of it?

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  1. I find that the best thing to do is TA a course that is related to what you are doing your graduate work in. That way you’ll already know most of the material and you’ll even actually learn something new that you can use. However, with that being said, being in University for so long has probably given you enough experience for you to be able to answer any questions your students might have – academic or otherwise. The hardest thing for me is finding a balance between being friendly and strict. Hope that helps!! and best of luck!! P.s. Like with most things – it gets easier as you go along.

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