Computer Chip Birth Control?

A contraceptive computer chip that can be controlled by remote control has been developed in Massachusetts.

The chip is implanted under a woman’s skin, releasing a small dose of levonorgestrel, a hormone.

This will happen every day for 16 years, but can be stopped at any time by using a wireless remote control.

My initial reaction to this is “AMAZING” because I’m thinking of how convenient and easy it would be to be able to self-manage your birth control over the long-term in this way. Imagine not needing to go to the pharmacy once a month or every few months, imagine one tiny cost that provides 16 years of not needing to worry, imagine how great it would be to have lower doses of hormones (if that’s what you wanted).

Then, I thought about the potential implications. Imagine having this inserted into people without their knowledge or consent, imagine having this inserted into someone without giving them the means to stop the hormones at a time of place of their choosing, imagine the potential repercussions of how this can be used to further limit the choice women have of their own bodies, fertility, and reproduction. 

Think on it. I’d be curious to hear thoughts/arguments and debates.


Tell me what you think

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