A bit about myself

I am currently a student at the University of Toronto where I am hoping to earn my Master of Arts in Geography in collaboration with Women and Gender Studies.

In June of 2013 I graduated from the University of Waterloo where I received a Bachelors of Environment with Honours in International Development with an Option in Women’s Studies and a Diploma in Environmental Impact Assessment.

I’m incredibly passionate about research and writing and am always looking to become involved in research projects; particularly as they pertain to gender, sexuality, feminist studies, colonial studies, and development.

I’m extremely passionate about gender issues and international development which I hope to incorporate into my future career. I believe in the power of humanity and that each and every person has the ability to incite change.

I love writing, participating in volunteer work and doing research. If you would like to know more about me, feel free to comment and request my contact information or you can view me on LinkedIn.


11 responses

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    My name is Mohani and I like your blog. Can you please tell me more about the MA program that you’re doing at the Universty of Waterloo? How good is it? I write, and plan to work in the field of gender one day.

    • Hello Mohani,
      The MA program is actually at the University of Toronto and I start in September. It seems like a great program! In Waterloo, the programs are also quite good, but I studied in a different faculty so I can’t speak to the Arts Faculty.
      What areas of gender are you interested in?

  2. Hey! Your blog has been my fav wordpress discovery so far! I am also a soon-to-be graduate, however didn’t really find development and gender studies until my last couple of months at university. My writing is much more amateur however I love reading your blog for some inspiration!

    • Thank you so much!

      They’re really interesting topics and if you’re passionate about them you can learn more in or out of school.
      I’ll definitely check out your blog!

  3. Hi, this is probably a bit of an odd question but did you recently read the entirety of my blog from Vietnam? I am trying to track down my husband, and saw that I recently had one person read my complete blog essentially in two days from Vietnam… noticed you obviously have ties to Vietnam through this blog but the U. of Waterloo is in CA. So I am just wondering if you are currently in Vietnam reading my blog to rule out my husband as being the reader from Vietnam…. basically…

    • Yes I did (long days at work). I’m sorry if that scared you, I live in Vietnam on placement as part of my degree at the university of Waterloo and I had no intention of making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in posting.

      • haha, no, it’s okay, it’s actually flattering that you read so much, to be honest. But yes, I was worried for a bit there that perhaps my husband was in Vietnam (long story about why that is worrisome, but thank you for clearing that up). It is a nice gift though before I have to delete everything to know I was interesting enough to keep you engaged!

        • Sorry again! But you are an amazing writer and I hope you’re able to continue in either a venue or way that you feel safe doing so. Thank you for sharing your story while you could!

  4. Hi, thanks for liking my last post on Gender Economics. Are you considering taking your women’s study further? Will do be doing done research whilst you are in Vietnam? Would be good to stay in touch as there will be some distinct Gender Economic issues in Asia. Will you try to match gender with the impacts of environmental policy?

    • Thank you! I was fascinated by a lot of the research and initiatives you’ve been involved in (and started)! I am hoping to take my women’s studies further at the graduate level. I’ve written a paper focusing on the gendered impacts of urban migration and food insecurity and am currently working on one highlighting the impacts of sexual assault and their role in genocide. While in Vietnam, I will working mainly with environmental policies and am hoping to further research and study the impacts that those have on women and the impacts that gendered policies have on environmental policies.
      I would love to stay in touch, I think it would be excellent and would give me the opportunity to learn more about Gender Economics.
      Thank you.

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