You should never apologize for believing that humanity can be better

Lately I’ve seen some things online which have bothered me, but I have been guilty of them in the past as well.

I find that people are often apologetic when posting opinions online – particularly opinions supporting gender equality. Why should I apologize if my words offend you when your unapologetic actions offend me on a daily basis?

We have nothing to apologize about – there is nothing wrong or shameful about being opinionated and sharing that opinion. There is no need or reason to apologize when asking for equal rights, freedoms, and opportunities. If those actions should happen to offend someone, let it happen. If they are so easily offended that the notion of treating both men and women with a high level of respect and dignity offends them, then perhaps it may also educate them.

You should never apologize for believing that humanity can be better.


International Women’s Initiative

Hello everyone!

Well if you didn’t know I’ve been quite busy, but I wanted to draw some attention to this wonderful organization called the International Women’s Initiative. If you want to learn about them you should check out their webpage or their blog. Myself and one of my classmates, Kyla, have been blogging for them and my first post is up – Development as Choice; Equality as Voice.

For a lot of people successful development can be summarized by saying ‘development is choice’. For people who work in the field of development, a lot of work is based on increasing the choices that people have and increasing their opportunities, which therefore results in decreasing their vulnerability. In many cases, this work is focused around women, as they are often the most vulnerable members of society. Having choices increase the options that a person has, changes in their life, be they personal, environmental, economic, or social. The most vulnerable members of society are those most reliant on the protection and advocacy of those who represent them.

This brings us to Canada. . . 

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Meet my sister

As most of my followers know, I LOVE to travel, but as many of you might not know, so does my sister. She is about to leave on an absolutely incredible trip to the middle of nowhere in Russia where she will be working for four months at a gold mine.

Her and I are both students at the University of Waterloo and are both in the Faculty of Environment, but where I am studying International Development, she is studying Environment and Resource Management and she will have the opportunity to put that education to use and will be blogging about it.

So, if you’re interested in environmental issues, adventure, travel, or Russia – meet my sister.

So why do I blog?

I mentioned this way back when I started this blog, but I thought it might be time for a refresher.

I originally entered the blogging world because of class (but I think I’m becoming addicted to it), but the real reason I’m here is because of a wonderful group of people known as INDEVOURS. They are my family away from home, my friends, classmates, colleagues, and each and every one of them is a force to be reckoned with (and one that the world will soon see). I have the upmost trust and faith in each and every one of these people to make a significant difference in the world that we live in.

We are all unique, we are creative, and we are critical and this video will show you a little bit more about us.

If you want to learn more about us and interact with us on a regular basis check out the facebook page or twitter account.


I feel as thought I should begin this with a disclaimer.. I’ve always been hesitant about having a blog-why would anything I say be important or relevant to the lives of others? And each post begins with that moment of stalling, trying to find a way to word thoughts and parts of your life in a way that others would find interesting or at least understand.

While reading, please keep in mind that this blog contains my ideas, my viewpoints, and my thoughts. It is not intended to represent the views of the University of Waterloo, International Development program, Faculty of Environment, St. Paul’s University College, World University Service Canada, and/or anyone/anything else I could potentially be linked to.

So with that said, I intend to simply write/post whatever I happen to find interesting or worthwhile at that particular moment. Feel free to give me direction, ideas, question my ideas, and so on.