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International Development students tend to be overachievers, we like to learn, we have lots of questions, and we enjoy the details. When I was preparing for placement, I would read the blogs of the students who were currently on placement to try to learn more. Now that the program has been established longer this is also used as a way for potential students (high school students) to learn about the program and see how they feel.

If you are interested in studying international development, working in international development, travelling, or are just plain curious you can check out my blog for the Faculty of Environment here. I post frequently :)


Why Study International Development?

Why Study International Development?.

My program and what I’ve invested 3 years (so far) of my life in learning about. It’s refreshing to see and hear the importance of international development defined and outlined so well from someone outside of my class.

Welcome to INDEVOURS

Welcome to INDEVOURS.

Hello everyone, this is from INDEVOURS a group that I am a part of and that is fundraising to help make the last year of our degree a reality. So, go check out the site, post your comments, check us out on facebook, and don’t be afraid to interact. :)

If your interests vary from mine, this is also the opportunity to check out the other 31 students heading to placements and learn about what they’ve been blogging about and the work they will be doing in the upcoming year.